Why Bees are Important

Did you know that changing one single thing in an ecosystem can cause a chain reaction which would have great effects?  Well, you know now.  An example of this is of honey bees.  They help pollinate a lot of our food like almonds and blueberries.  They also help pollinate plants like flowers and cotton plants.  If we took away all the bees we would probably not survive for that long.  It is estimated that we would only live for a few years.  Also I we did not have bees we would not have cotton clothing.  This is a video if all the bees died.


Amazing adventure! part #2

One day the Alexander and Parker went to the village to get Lizzie and Madison and Ahmed  Alexander and Parker said to Nathan do you want to explore with us.  Nathan said I will ask the others. Alexander and Parker  said okay. Lets go they said and Lizzie and Madison  and Ahmed they said yes!

So lets go explore a island that no one has been on. They went to the boat and got chaste by a shark.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA. They crash on a island. But a dinosaur almost stepped on them so they name the island dinosaur island.

So they  went to explore the island. They went to a cave. In the cave there was a big chunk of gold. Then they decided to keep the big chunk of gold. Alexander put the big chunk of gold in his back pack. Then it was about to rain so they made a tent and a fire then Alexander pulled some marshmellows. 

Nathan said yay! Yay! Yay!

Madison said why did you pack marshmellows?

Alexander said Parker packed them!

Nathan said how  about we go hunting for a beaver?


Nathan throuw a chicken at the dinosaur. 

Parker said hey that’s my lunch! Okay lets go hunting that beaver!

Hey a beaver. I got the hunting speears. Let’s eat it. Crunch crunch crunch. That was a good beaver! Lets  go to the tent and pollish the gold. I forgot about the gold. The gold is in my back pack.

Okay said Nathan. I got the scrubber said Ahmed! 

Sgrab sgrab swish.  Let’s go to the tent.

Ten minutes later…

Okay we’re at the camp so we can make some more weapons. I will make the bows and arrows said Ahmed. I will make the  baseball bats said Nathen. What the heck said Parker.  Let’s make a ship!  OK.  So, let’s go and get some wood, coconut and palm tree leaves for the sail. So they made a ship. They all  stayed by Dinosaur isand!



What happens next?

By: Alexander and Nathan

Our rhyming storys

Rhyming story By:Nathan and Alexander Once there was a big fat cat that liked to suck on a bat.He liked to jump on a hump. He like to rat tat tat on his green hat.He went into a bat on a mat. A big fat man sat on a mat then he yelled at a cat.The cat ran away with some yellow hay. A man went into the war and did a chore.He sat on the floor. A big fat cat sat on the hat and the little cat cried. A dino wants a lineo with a cat thats holding a big bat.

Amazing Adventures Part #1!

One day there were four explorers

and they loved to

explore. Their names were

Alexander Lizze Madison and

Parker. They went to the airport for

a vacation but a shriek of lightning

hit the plane.

Aaaaaaaahhhhha when they woke

up they heard a motorboat and the

driver was yelling aaaaaaahhhha.

The driver  landed head first in the

sand and the drivers name was



Then Caelan Parker Lizzie

Alexander and Madison went to

explore  the island. Next they found

a lot of people.

The people were their friends from

grade one and two. They went  to

explore the island and found a cave.

A bear came out. Then it went away

because a tiger was

be hind


But Brendan said, “cool.”  Then

Madison said, “don’t forget it

could kill people.”

 Then they scared it off before it

could eat them up.But then

they found an abandoned fishing

rod and they went fishing to get fish too.


So they went to the pool and went

fishing. All of them cot a big fish to


Then Caelan said I got a ship! Lets

go! Wait what should we call the

island? Lets call the island Island

Adventure. Lets go home!


“Caelan why were you yelling?”


  because I was getting chased by a  shark.”

Land ho it’s land! It is the best land!

I see it now.


So do you wot to explorers a lot of

islands okay!


By Alexander


 The end

What happens next?


Butterfly life cycle!

I know all about the butterfly life cycle.


(1) First a butterfly lays some eggs.


(2) Next the eggs hatch as a caterpillar.


(3) After that the caterpillar eats and eats and eats.


(4) Next the caterpillar forms a chryalis.


(5) Finally out comes a butterfly yea!


Fly fly butterfly. I love butterflies.

What do you know about butterflies?